News conference comments from Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantú

While today is certainly not about me, my person, I can confidently say that I am most likely the happiest person in the building today.

Today at 12:00 noon, Rome time, (which as an early 5 a.m. San Antonio time) the Vatican announced that the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, had appointed Bishop Gustavo García-Siller, up until now auxiliary bishop of Chicago, the new archbishop of San Antonio.

Archbishop-Designate García-Siller is 53 years old and has been a bishop for seven years. He was born in San Luís, Potosí, México. As a young man he joined the Religious Order, Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, and in 1984 was ordained a priest in Guadalajara, México. As a priest, he was involved in seminary formation work, teaching and instructing seminarians, as well as in parish ministry. He carried out this ministry in México, in California, and in the state of Oregon. From 1999 to 2003 he served as the major superior for his religious community, and in January of 2003 he had been elected the Provincial Superior for his community in the United States. His work in this post was very short-lived, since a short two months later he would be chosen to serve as the auxiliary bishop of Chicago.

I met Archbishop-Designate García-Siller two and a half years ago, when I, as a newly ordained bishop, attended my first national bishops’ conference. It was there that a group of young auxiliary bishops invited me for dinner, and it was then that a delightful and wonderful friendship would begin. I grew to respect and think highly of the young, wise, thoughtful bishop from Chicago. So when the papal nuncio called to inform me that he would be our new archbishop, I literally jumped out of my chair and made my best Spurs-like fist pump in the air, “Yes!” And that was not just because I would be able to unload a lot of work onto his desk — although I am not unhappy about that.

I am delighted that the Holy Father sends us a shepherd who knows deeply the Good Shepherd. One who is passionate about his love for Jesus Christ, about his love for the Church, and about his love for his sheep. He is a shepherd who will quickly come to love the people of San Antonio. He will pray for us daily.

It is with no further ado that I introduce to you the 6th Archbishop of San Antonio, Archbishop-Designate Gustavo García-Siller.


2 thoughts on “News conference comments from Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantú

  1. Domenico Di Raimondo, msps says:

    My name is Domenico Di Raimondo, msps. I am the Provincial Superior of the Christ the Priest Province, which serves the People of God in the United States. Fr. Gustavo García Siller was our Provincial Superior when he was called to serve as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Not withstanding the distance, Bishop Gustavo and all the members of our Province kept a close, warm and fraternal relationship.

    At this time, when Bishop Gustavo has been appointed as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, I firmly believe that he brings along a great love for Jesus and an apostolic zeal that calls all peoples, from every race and nation, to walk towards unity and holiness and to build one family in which love, justice and peace abide. He will be among you a merciful Shepherd and a loving Brother and Father.

    Congratulations to our brother, Archbishop Elect Gustavo García Siller and to the People of God in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. The members of Christ the Priest Province pray for you all.

    ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

    Soy Domenico Di Raimondo, msps, Superior de la Provincia Cristo Sacerdote de los Misioneros del Espíritu Santo con sede en los Estados Unidos. De esta Provincia salió el Arzobispo Gustavo García Siller al ser nombrado por el Santo Padre Obispo Auxiliar de la Arquidiócesis de Chicago y con todos nosotros se sigue manteniendo una relación cercana, cordial y afectuosa.

    Creo que al ser nombrado Arzobispo de la Arquidiócesis de San Antonio, el Obispo Gustavo lleva a esa Arquidiócesis lo más entrañable que tiene: un amor grande por Jesús, un celo porque las personas de toda raza y nación caminen hacia la unidad y hacia la santidad y construyan una sola familia en el amor, la justicia y la verdad.

    Felicito a mi hermano, el Arzobispo electo, Gustavo García Siller y a las personas que forman la Arquidiócesis de San Antonio. Los miembros de la Provincia Cristo Sacerdote, ora para que el Señor les bendiga.

  2. Suzy Bárcenas says:

    Querido Padre Domenico: Que gran noticia! Creo que todos estamos muy contentos y orgullosos del nuevo nombramiento del Obispo Guatavo. Por lo que leo sobre él, es bien merecido. También tenemos que felicitar a la Congregación de los Misioneros del Espíritu Santo ya que él es parte de este gran grupo.

    Un abrazo, Suzy

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